Club Kingswood

Clayhill Lane



​SS16 5JP

​Our friendly osteopath Thomas Gibbons is highly trained and educated from the University College of Osteopathy achieving a

Masters in Osteopathy.

He specialises in various techniques such as;

Soft tissue work

Spinal manipulation

Joint articulation


​Sports Massage

Formal diagnosis

to help you rid of those aches and pains. 

Our Osteopath Tom is fully licensed and insured to deal with

most insurance claims

but please check your insurance prior to attending.

Common Conditions Thomas can

help you with...

General Aches and Pains
Back Pain
Chronic Pain
​Back Spasms
Neck Pain
Slips, trips, falls and accidents
Sporting Injuries
Knee Pain
​Rotator Cuff
Shoulder Aches 
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis/Golfer's Elbow
Groin Strains
Hamstring Tear
Calf Strains
Achilles Tendon
Runner's Knee 
Stress, anxiety, depression

Osteopathy Treatments in Basildon, Essex

Book your treatment with 

Osteopath Thomas Gibbons

at Club Kingswood, Basildon

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